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I'm always on the move and traveling between my favorite cities: 🌃 NYC, 🏙 Chicago, and 🏖 Tampa. I'm currently the AVP of Product Strategy at DAMCO and building ENTEVATE. Previously the Associate Director of Product Engineering at Tada and Director of Innovation at ONEFIRE.

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Smart Interactions for a Digital Duplicate

US 11,055,358 • July 6, 2021 • Tada Cognitive Solutions

Disclosed herein is a software tool that may be used to create and navigate through visualizations of an organization's data as embodied in a digital duplicate. These “smart interactions” may allow a user to visually and intuitively traverse the semantic network to dynamically provide on-demand visualization of the business data. Based on the traversal of the network, the network can be simplified and/or subnetworks can be created. As part of the visualization, “perspectives” can be created based on focal points (i.e., nodes) in the network. The focal points may be used as a starting point for the traversal, and functions (e.g., aggregates) can be dynamically applied to produce subnetworks to provide data for visualizations.

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