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Moto z2 Force VR Training

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Google Daydream App
Moto z2 Force VR Training


With the release of the Moto z2 force, Motorola wanted to highlight the flagship device's Google Daydream capability and train carrier reps on the phone's features. HelloMoto VR included two games & one interactive showcase. The games, Projector Power & Soundboost Blast focused on highlighting the available mods and an enjoyable experience. The solution is being used for training and marketing uses by a traveling road show.

What I did

  • Project sale to Motorola (in partnership with Lionbridge)
  • Vision boarding
  • Creative direction
  • Client communication

Soundboost Blast Game Mockup
Soundboost Blast Gameplay
Projector Power Gameplay
Projector Power
Projector Power 3D Environment Design
Moto z2 Force VR Module

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